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What to look for when choosing an electric shower

There are several things you need to consider when choosing which model to buy:

Power rating

The power rating basically determines what flow rate you will get from your shower, so the higher the rating, the greater the flow of hot water from the shower will be. Electric showers are generally rated between 8.5 – 10.5 kW (kilowatts).

Temperature control

We have all probably been in the shower when someone in the house turns a tap on and the shower suddenly runs scolding hot. A temperature stabilized unit will go some way to controlling the temperature but to have a constant temperature you need a thermostatic shower that can control the water temperature to with a couple of degrees. This is definitely a feature worth paying for.

Shower head spray patterns

Some shower heads comes with 3 to 5 different spray patterns ranging from standard shower to drench or jet patterns. Many electric showers though are not full power showers and in reality you may be disappointed by the shower’s jet spray. A nice-to-have feature in our opinion.

Push button start/stop

Some models have an on/off button whereas other will rely on you turning the heat or power dial. On/off buttons are useful as you can keep your previous settings.

Water and electric installation points

If the shower is intended to be used as a replacement then having multiple water and electrical access points will be beneficial as this saves having to spend money on re-plumbing and re-wiring. Thus is not so important for new installations.

Phased shutdown function

This is not really a function you will notice in everyday use. if hot water is left in the main shower unit than this can cause limescale on the pipework (think of your kettle) and shorten the lifespan of your shower unit. The phased shutdown will run the shower after you stop it until all the hot water is out of the unit.

Different power settings and modes

Certain models have different heat setting and power modes such as high flow rate, cold only mode and Eco-water saving modes. Once you have your ideal setting, you’re probably unlikely to change much but it gives you the option to set up to your requirements in the first place.

Shower unit finish

Most shower units come in a white finish. As the prices increases, you can find models with stylish and modern chrome effect finishes.

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