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Types of showers

Digital Shower  – This is an alternative to electric shower. It is a modern work of bathing art. This is both user-friendly and eco-friendly and has awesome functionality and settings. The settings of digital shower is customized, which the use can choose their preferred settings. This type of shower saves the space and adds style to your bathroom.

Electric Showers – This type of shower is on demand to those who wanted hot water.It has instant hot water, the advantages of electric showers is that it is not affected on any boiler issues, because you can still lather up under a calming stream of hot water, even the electric shower is having trouble on central heating system. Most of electric showers offers thermostatic control, which means you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Mixer Shower – This shower is called mixer shower, which it mixes hot and cold water together. The shower valve where the temperature is controlled and compensations are made for the drops in pressure and the loss of hot or cold water, which sometimes be the reason when the tap is turned on in  another part of the house. This type of shower comes from various range of designs, and the styles can be fit to mostly any kinds of bathrooms or shower rooms.This type are mostly compatible with high/low pressure water systems that can be use in most properties.

Power Shower –  This type of shower is great for the circulation, it offers invigorating wake-up call and the shower makes you feel the water pounding on your skin. It can be used mostly in spa or luxury hotels, but it also can be used in homes that have low pressure. Power shower are popular to those who want to relax, and offers massage systems that can invigorate sore muscles while soaping. The disadvantage of this type of shower is that it is not environmental friendly because of the usual water and energy consumption.


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