3 Apr

Latest Tap Water 2017

This Faucet are made with care, they are from a metallic substance as stainless steel and chrome to keep it shiny.

Here are the latest trend of Tap water this 2017.

New Modern Contemporary Chrome Single Handle LED  2017

 Modern Washbasin Design New Bathroom Faucet 2017

Modern Bath Accessories  Chrome Brass Sprinkle Waterfall Widespread Wall Mount Contemporary Bathroom Sink Faucet Washing Tap 2017

New Modern Wall Mount Bath Filler Mixer Basin Tap Oxford 2017

26 Jan

Latest Trend of Bathroom Sinks

The hot trend today is stainless steel for residential bathroom and light commercial also for restroom design.

The reason why it is trend because of aesthetic appeal, it makes a big impact in the way it looks and functionality in the bathroom. It offers advantages to other sink materials present on the market.

The fixtures of this stainless steel are:

  • It does not crack when it is drop.
  • Because of the stainless steel, it is more hygienic as the bacteria has difficulty in surviving.
  • Does not require special products in cleaning.
  • It has heat resistant.
  • It does not wear off over time.
  • The sleek has contemporary look.

24 Nov


Sinks – Functional & Stylish

Sinks are as much a staple of the kitchen as the oven is. It’s an essential fitting that the entire family will make use of, so finding the right kitchen sink that can be used for years and years is an incredibly important process. But while practicality is paramount, the style also needs to be considered. Find the right one and it can easily make all the difference between a bland kitchen and one that consistently wows. The water margin has a huge range of expertly designed and high-quality kitchen sinks and while our focus is on quality, practicality, and style, we have made sure there’s something here to suit every requirement. Packed with the latest innovation and ensuring they match current trends,The water margin kitchen sinks are definitely worth perusing.