29 Aug

How to clean your wallpaper.

Cleaning wallpaper doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think, but first, you must understand how to clean fabric wallpaper. Usually, most wallpapers can actually be wet cleaned as long as you are careful. However there are a few things to consider when you have a wallpaper that is heavily textured or fabric that is different than your average flat wallpaper that may have a plastic coat over the top. Below are a few things to consider when cleaning your wallpaper.

The first thing you should do is check the manufacturer’s guidelines. All wallpapers differ in content and coating, therefore you should follow the manufacturer’s advice for appropriate cleaning methods.

These are a few types of cleaners to avoid. You should never use abrasive cleaners, scouring powder or soft-scrub cleansers when cleaning your wallpaper. These all contain which can scratch the wallpaper’s coating.

Use something soft such as a wool duster, a dry cleaning cloth or carefully use your hoover to dust the walls before cleaning.

If your wallpaper is old you should use a dry sponge, this will lift and remove any surface dirt without using moisture. The best thing to do is to rub it lightly against the surface to remove dirt.

If your wallpaper is washable or scrubbable it’s best for you to use a natural sponge lightly dampened with warm water and a small amount of washing up/fairy liquid detergent. I would suggest testing the solution in a corner to be sure it won’t remove paper or coating. If it does and if any colour does begin to bleed, stop right away. This means that wallpaper will need to be replaced.

When cleaning you shouldn’t rub too hard or allow the paper to get too wet to. After rinsing it’s best to use cleaning cloths to absorb moisture. If your wallpaper is covered in fingerprints and smudges then it’s best to remove them by rubbing them gently with an eraser.


3 Apr

Latest Tap Water 2017

This Faucet are made with care, they are from a metallic substance as stainless steel and chrome to keep it shiny.

Here are the latest trend of Tap water this 2017.

New Modern Contemporary Chrome Single Handle LED  2017

 Modern Washbasin Design New Bathroom Faucet 2017

Modern Bath Accessories  Chrome Brass Sprinkle Waterfall Widespread Wall Mount Contemporary Bathroom Sink Faucet Washing Tap 2017

New Modern Wall Mount Bath Filler Mixer Basin Tap Oxford 2017

26 Jan

Latest Trend of Bathroom Sinks

The hot trend today is stainless steel for residential bathroom and light commercial also for restroom design.

The reason why it is trend because of aesthetic appeal, it makes a big impact in the way it looks and functionality in the bathroom. It offers advantages to other sink materials present on the market.

The fixtures of this stainless steel are:

  • It does not crack when it is drop.
  • Because of the stainless steel, it is more hygienic as the bacteria has difficulty in surviving.
  • Does not require special products in cleaning.
  • It has heat resistant.
  • It does not wear off over time.
  • The sleek has contemporary look.

5 Jan

Types of showers

Digital Shower  – This is an alternative to electric shower. It is a modern work of bathing art. This is both user-friendly and eco-friendly and has awesome functionality and settings. The settings of digital shower is customized, which the use can choose their preferred settings. This type of shower saves the space and adds style to your bathroom.

Electric Showers – This type of shower is on demand to those who wanted hot water.It has instant hot water, the advantages of electric showers is that it is not affected on any boiler issues, because you can still lather up under a calming stream of hot water, even the electric shower is having trouble on central heating system. Most of electric showers offers thermostatic control, which means you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Mixer Shower – This shower is called mixer shower, which it mixes hot and cold water together. The shower valve where the temperature is controlled and compensations are made for the drops in pressure and the loss of hot or cold water, which sometimes be the reason when the tap is turned on in  another part of the house. This type of shower comes from various range of designs, and the styles can be fit to mostly any kinds of bathrooms or shower rooms.This type are mostly compatible with high/low pressure water systems that can be use in most properties.

Power Shower –  This type of shower is great for the circulation, it offers invigorating wake-up call and the shower makes you feel the water pounding on your skin. It can be used mostly in spa or luxury hotels, but it also can be used in homes that have low pressure. Power shower are popular to those who want to relax, and offers massage systems that can invigorate sore muscles while soaping. The disadvantage of this type of shower is that it is not environmental friendly because of the usual water and energy consumption.


9 Dec

What to look for when choosing an electric shower

There are several things you need to consider when choosing which model to buy:

Power rating

The power rating basically determines what flow rate you will get from your shower, so the higher the rating, the greater the flow of hot water from the shower will be. Electric showers are generally rated between 8.5 – 10.5 kW (kilowatts).

Temperature control

We have all probably been in the shower when someone in the house turns a tap on and the shower suddenly runs scolding hot. A temperature stabilized unit will go some way to controlling the temperature but to have a constant temperature you need a thermostatic shower that can control the water temperature to with a couple of degrees. This is definitely a feature worth paying for.

Shower head spray patterns

Some shower heads comes with 3 to 5 different spray patterns ranging from standard shower to drench or jet patterns. Many electric showers though are not full power showers and in reality you may be disappointed by the shower’s jet spray. A nice-to-have feature in our opinion.

Push button start/stop

Some models have an on/off button whereas other will rely on you turning the heat or power dial. On/off buttons are useful as you can keep your previous settings.

Water and electric installation points

If the shower is intended to be used as a replacement then having multiple water and electrical access points will be beneficial as this saves having to spend money on re-plumbing and re-wiring. Thus is not so important for new installations.

Phased shutdown function

This is not really a function you will notice in everyday use. if hot water is left in the main shower unit than this can cause limescale on the pipework (think of your kettle) and shorten the lifespan of your shower unit. The phased shutdown will run the shower after you stop it until all the hot water is out of the unit.

Different power settings and modes

Certain models have different heat setting and power modes such as high flow rate, cold only mode and Eco-water saving modes. Once you have your ideal setting, you’re probably unlikely to change much but it gives you the option to set up to your requirements in the first place.

Shower unit finish

Most shower units come in a white finish. As the prices increases, you can find models with stylish and modern chrome effect finishes.

24 Nov


Sinks – Functional & Stylish

Sinks are as much a staple of the kitchen as the oven is. It’s an essential fitting that the entire family will make use of, so finding the right kitchen sink that can be used for years and years is an incredibly important process. But while practicality is paramount, the style also needs to be considered. Find the right one and it can easily make all the difference between a bland kitchen and one that consistently wows. The water margin has a huge range of expertly designed and high-quality kitchen sinks and while our focus is on quality, practicality, and style, we have made sure there’s something here to suit every requirement. Packed with the latest innovation and ensuring they match current trends,The water margin kitchen sinks are definitely worth perusing.

21 Nov

Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing Supplies For The Trade & DIYer

Plumbing supplies are needed surprisingly often, whether you’re a plumber by trade or simply an avid DIY enthusiast who likes to keep all of your plumbing in tip top condition; The water margin have a comprehensive range of plumbing tools and essentials for every job. As a retailer focused on plumbing, making sure you’re equipped for any eventuality is what we do best and by providing high quality products you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal from a reputable company. Sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a couple of pennies here and there will only harm your equipment in the long run, so make the sensible choice and buy intelligently.

15 Nov


Solutions To Heat Your House

Heating is pretty much a necessity in any household, especially considering the UK weather conditions. Whether you opt for heating in the form of a traditional convector radiator or something more tailored to the bathroom such as a heated towel rail, both are equally important in getting the job done. There’s nothing worse than stepping out the shower into a cold room or getting home from work to a freezing cold house, but thanks to innovative and affordable equipment, you no longer have to worry about this problem. With a wide range of efficient and stylish heating solutions, The water margin provide everything you need to get your house up to temperature!

15 Nov

Take home today Bathrooms

Bathroom Furniture (A Stunning Selection)

Bathroom furniture can make or break a bathroom design. At The water margin we realize just how important the furniture is in the goal of making the most of your bathroom. Space and storage are often at a premium, but by using cleverly designed pieces such as bathroom cabinets, cupboards and drawers, you can easily create more space where there was previously none. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors on offer, The water margin can guarantee there’s something for every bathroom in the range. Whether you’re looking for small & efficient bathroom storage solutions to keep your essentials or a mirror to ensure you’re looking your best before you head out – we’ve got you covered.

3 Nov


Toilets Fit For Any Purpose

A toilet is truly a bathroom necessity. Just because it’s an essential item doesn’t mean you can just go out and buy any old thing. Because of its high priority in the bathroom, you want to ensure you get the very best value for money whilst also taking into consideration styling and space requirements. We’ve teamed up with some of the best bathroom manufacturers in the world to ensure we have a wide range of suitable toilets on offer that will address any and all needs. Our comprehensive range of toilets combine both top-end build quality and clean simplistic looks; ensuring terrific value without compromise.

18 Oct

Triton Electric Showers

Showers –  Types

Showers come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, but, in essence, there are only two distinct kinds. Mixer showers which take hot and cold water from the domestic hot water system and blend them together to give you a warm shower and electric showers which take cold water and heat it up with electricity, much like a kettle. Although in the UK it seem to have a preference for electric showers, if you have the right kind of hot water system then a mixer shower will almost always give you a more powerful shower.